The School Administration:


From my career in the world of education, I am fully aware of the responsibility of leading a school project. Choosing your children’s school is one of the most important decisions as it can lead to many decisive factors in their lives as well as yours.

At Kids International Preschool Andorra, we are very aware that it is through what you live and experience that you learn. Therefore, our educational project is oriented towards student-centered learning, giving maximum relevance to emotional education, as emotions are the main gateway to learning. We know that neuronal activation is enhanced when a child feels loved and stimulated, emotion and cognition constantly work within the brain to guide learning. The most you learn is when you feel that what you are doing is making you grow whilst having fun.

Kids International Preschool wants to be a continuation of your family, offering a comfortable and stimulating environment where values, creativity and affectivity are the backbone of our project. May our students be happy learning to live and coexist, preparing them for life.

The essence of a school is made up of its students, families and academic team. Our school is the sum of all the people who make important things happen, a team that is committed, with a vocation, trained in Early Childhood Education, ready to develop all the abilities of our children, without forgetting that the most important thing is teaching through individual attention and affection.

With 20 years of experience and the conviction that we have been doing our educational work well, we mirror ourselves to orient ourselves to continue year after year in search of continuous improvement to continue looking for new proposals, methodologies that will lead us to keep moving forward.

I welcome you, happy to be able to share this first stage of education with those who have chosen to be part of this particular family at Kids International Preschool, we will walk together in this fascinating and important stage.

Kind regards,


Neus Juliench