Our work as teachers is to give the best educational response to students in order to make them happy, autonomous children with high self-esteem. We seeking to help them make their wishes a reality: for them to be an optimistic and motivated part of a better society.

Keeping children happy with the desire to learn new things is one of the main objectives of our enthusiastic team, this resulting in parents that feel satisfied and happy with the trust they they´ve bestowed upon our school. Our success is manifested through good humor, smiles and progress of the children.

The academic team is made up of full-time teachers, sub-teachers, and English, French, and sign language teachers who carry out the language workshops and a music teacher who teaches introduction to music. As for the non-teaching staff, we have a cook, a kitchen assistant, a dietitian and our cleaning staff. Each classroom has a full-time teacher and sub-teacher. There are also support educators who are present according to the activity taking place.