Discover what our school can offer your children! Open Day 2023!


We will be waiting for you next 7th of February from 10am to 11.30am to meet the Kids School!


On this day you will be able to learn about:

Our educational model and pedagogical project:

Our pedagogical philosophy is based on the following principle: “LEARNING IS PROVOKING EMOTIONS”. The main objective of our school is to encourage the development of each child’s personality by enhancing their individual possibilities and skills, developing skills with meaningful learning in a framework of personalized attention.

The pedagogical principles under which our model is framed, allow a comprehensive and positive adaptation, based on the children’s abilities and not on limitations.

In addition, we are a multilingual school, with Catalan and English as vehicular languages and with French as a language of acquisition. We are a certified school with the IPC international curriculum for bilingual schools.

Our educational team:

Our team is composed of professionals trained in education and languages to carry forward the objectives established in the curriculum (IPC).

Our dining room and food service:

We have our own dining room and kitchen. Good eating habits from the first years of life, is one of our main missions as a school.

We go beyond the purely academic:

The program in each classroom is completed with activities such as music, theatre, sign language, robotics. Also, as sports activities we offer swimming classes, skiing in the winter season and initiation to tennis in the summer season.

During the open day you can enter the classrooms of both, 1st and 2nd cycle and be direct witnesses of the different activities.

We will answer all your questions that day

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