Why come to Kids International Preschool?

Choosing our children’s first school is a very important and difficult decision and we must be convinced of our choice.

At Kids International Preschool we propose educational services that aim to achieve the conditions that favor the growth, the progressive acquisition of autonomy, the formation of the thought, the emotional stability and, in general, the integral development of the child attending to their needs and interests. It is in the first moments of existence that the neural structures begin to form, that the processes of individualization and socialization follow one another, physical growth and psychomotor, perceptual and intellectual development take place. All this will lead to a series of achievements that will be the structure of subsequent experiences. Depending on how these first experiences are arranged, personality develops, laying the groundwork for future interactions. We are convinced that the experiences lived in the first years of life are of great importance in the subsequent development of the person.

Achieving these goals requires a close relationship between families and educators and from Kids Services this is our starting point.

What is pre-registration, how and when to pre-register?

Pre-registration is the first step in enrolling a child in the center. This is done at the time of the visit to the center and once the operation and rules of the school have been explained. Pre-registration does not guarantee a place.

What is enrollment and how does it work?

Enrollment is a registration fee that is paid to enroll the student in the center. This is paid once and not every school year. Once the tuition is paid, the school guarantees the place to the child for the requested date. Tuition is not paid if you are on a waiting list.

What to bring on the first day of school?

The necessary material on the first day of school is attached to the information folder that parents receive after registration is completed.

What services does the school offer for children from 3 to 5 years old?

Since Kindergarten covers ages 0-3, Kids Services also offers an extracurricular activity service during the school holidays. For everyone, Christmas, Carnival, Easter and the month of July, children can take advantage of the holiday period to have fun while learning everything with workshops related to the holiday theme.

My child does not adjust to the pace of the classroom, what can I do?

To accomplish this “goal” the child needs, among other things, time, his specific time. We have to keep in mind that not all children are the same, so the adaptation of some will be different. We have to avoid comparisons, this would not benefit anyone, let alone the children themselves. The educator is the person in charge of accompanying the child throughout the course, guiding him and helping him in his personal and academic growth. She knows her needs and will be in charge of helping her to adapt to her own pace, providing everyone with the help they need according to their characteristics.

Does the child just eat crushed what to do?

If, when you join the school, you still don’t eat solid food, even though you are older, living with other children helps a lot. Children act out mimicry so achieving their age-appropriate goals is much easier in school.